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My experience with Webreger started 2 years ago with The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. In 2015 my children's novel Hieroglyph was selected as a finalist in the 9-12yr category, and went on to win the Gold Medal. In 2016 Fairy Dust was selected as a finalist 6-8 yr category (medal winners to be announced 1st April). Stuart Gregory (Webreger) updates all the finalists and medalists on the Wishing Shelf website and offers special discounts for winners. His web layouts are crisp and uncluttered, easy to navigate around, and enhance the core subject of the website.

Wendy Scott

I couldn't be more delighted! Stuart's work is excellent. He is professional, courteous and encouraging. It's been a pleasure working with him.

Sunny Lockwood

Very pleased with service from these guys highly recommend top service, very helpful and full of great ideas to help and advise. Thanks again Andy

Andy Inman

Stuart was wonderful. He kept me up to date with the information he was posting for me. Thank you.

S.E. Smith

“After trading on ebay as a store for 4 months, it quickly became apparent that in order to maximise customer reach, sales & profit, I needed an online store to sell my stock of collectibles.

The original site that was built by Stuart was a site where all collectors could upload their collections for the world to see, and I wanted to take this further by changing the site to be an online store, because I had started my business selling collectibles. This was a challenge in itself because even though there was already a site there, a completely new one had to be designed & built, and once done, then had to be overlayed with the original site so that no data was lost.

All through the process Stuart listened to my vision for the site, and also had some input of his own due to his experience of what works well on online stores. Now that the website is complete, I couldn’t be happier as this has even lessened my workload because the invoicing, stock control & listing functions are really easy & quick to use.

No part of the website build was out-sourced, even down to setting up credit card payments through the site, this was all done by Stuart & his team. Any time of the day I had a thought about what to put on the site or to change, Stuart was more than ready & willing to incorporate this into my site.

I couldn’t be happier, and thanks to Webreger, my business has a real chance to grow now and has even helped turn it into a more professional set up.”

Gareth Royston

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