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A beginner's guide to SEO competitor analysis

Published on December 24 2016

SEO Competitor Analysis


If you are launching a new website our trying to promote your current website SEO is critical. Building a website is only the start. If your website cannot be found in search engine results customers are not going to be able to find you. Using our Read more

Vital SEO first steps for a new website

Published on November 27 2016

vital SEO first steps for a new website


Vital SEO first steps for a new website


Theres no doubt that producing and new website and getting it visible in search engines in a very daunting task. Producing a website is time consuming but theres no point in ... Read more

Importance of server backups

Published on November 24 2016 Server Backups


In the world of E-Commerce things can go wrong very quickly due to simple events; a code update introduces a show stopping bug, a new theme doesn’t play nicely with the mission-critical checkout extension, a corrupt database or while performing ... Read more

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