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Erebus ransomware now attacks Linux servers

Published on June 25 2017 By

Erebus Ransomware Hacker


Having infected over 200,000 computers in 150 countries – including high profile attacks on the NHS in the UK and other organizations; WannaCry has easily been the biggest ransomware attack ever and the highest profile cyber-attack of 2017 so far.

Fears have grown since since the WannaCry attacks, that a second larger scale attack was imminent. It appears that these fears were just, over the last 2 weeks attacks have started again, this time its an adapted version of Erebus. Erebus was first seen in September 2016 and again in Febuary 2017. Original Erebus was used to gain control of windows systems but has now been adapted to take control of Linux systems.

Up to now this has been limited to a small number of companies; once hosting company in particular has made a settlement of just over $1 million which is being paid in instalments. They have over 3 thousands customer websites affected and 153 servers offline. Although they have made an offer of payment via instalments this does not guarantee the release of data. This is similar to what happened to the Kansas Heart Hospital were a first payment was made and the hackers demanded a second larger payment in order to return full access.

So far from what has been made apparent is that Erebus exploits security flaws in Linux and Apache systems, this seems to be targeted more towards servers running outdated kernels and older versions of PHP.

As we have seen with previous ransomware software like; WannacRy, SAMSAM or HDDCryptor they have the capability to affect a main network shared system which quickly amplifies its impact. A single vulnerable system on a network is often all its takes for the ransomware to take hold of the companies whole infrastructure.

Given the high risks to business operations and their reputation; businesses need to be proactive in keeping threats like ransomware at bay. Unfortunately there is no silver bullet to ransomware like Erebus, which is why IT/system administrators need to have a in depth approach to security in place.

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